Programs & Classess

Aikido forAdults & Teens 15 and up

Regularly scheduled classes in Ki-Aikido are held at our main location in the City of St. Louis and in Fenton Missouri. Aikido training with St. Louis Ki Aikido includes the methods and practices of Dynamic Meditation (Shin-Shin Toitsu Do)

Aikido for Kids, ages 6 to 12

Saint Louis Ki Aikido is sorry to announce that the Kids Aikido Program has been suspended for one to two years.
We hope to come back with a greatly improved Kids Aikido Program as soon as possible. Part of our mission is to provide training for children.

Dynamic Meditation

Stress Management - Relaxation and Meditation classes may be arranged for organizations and businesses.

  • Special Series Courses - Occasional courses are held that use the techniques of Ki Aikido training to address special topics and needs for groups and individuals.
  • Dynamic Meditation class - weekly meditative practice sessions for adults.