Programs & Classes

Aikido for Adults & Teens 15 and up

Regularly scheduled classes in Ki-Aikido are held at our main location in the dance studio of MICDS. Aikido training with St. Louis Ki Aikido includes the methods and practices of Dynamic Meditation (Shin-Shin Toitsu Do)

Aikido for Kids, ages 4 to 14

A core focus of our mission at St Louis Ki Aikido is to provide training for children. In our kids classes, both child and parent can learn the fundamental principles and techniques of Ki Aikido.

The Ki Aikido class is a unique opportunity for both parents and children to play, stretch and develop techniques and strategies that strengthen their bodies and their relationships, both on and off the mat.

In a much broader sense, the goal of Ki Aikido is to unify mind and body, improving our awareness of and connection with both ourselves and the world around us.

Dynamic Meditation

Stress Management - Relaxation and Meditation classes for organizations and businesses

  • Special Series Courses - Occasional courses are held that use the techniques of Ki Aikido training to address special topics and needs for groups and individuals.

  • Dynamic Meditation class - weekly meditative practice and mind/body unification sessions for adults