Info for Donors

We are working to become a greater community resource by:

  • Adapting our training methods to those with special needs
  • Reaching out to disadvantaged and at risk children
  • Expanding our existing regular programs to form a new base of support
  • Providing the experience and lessons of Mind and Body Coordination to new groups of people

St. Louis Ki Aikido is seeking out those who want be a part of our mission to use our training methods and other resources to improve the ability of individuals to respond to stress and conflict positively and creatively, with calmness and relaxation. Together we can make a difference. We accept donations from individuals, businesses and organizations. We also solicit funds through grants for particular programs and operational activities and are happy to receive requests for proposals.

Donations may be made to St. Louis Ki Aikido at our business address and main location, 6006 Pershing Ave. St. Louis MO 63112.

For more information please contact
Mark Rubbert, Head Instructor
St. Louis Ki Aikido
6006 Pershing Ave.
St. Louis MO 63112
(314) 726-5070

The programs of St. Louis Ki Aikido are supported through student tuition and a combination of grants and private donations. Funding pays for operating expenses including salaries, instructor training, facility expenses, office and advertising costs, special workshops, training equipment and fundraising. St. Louis Ki Aikido provides significant support for regional, national and international Ki Aikido organizations. Administration and fundraising comprise a small percentage of our expenses. The use of funds is maximized to provide the best training with the best teachers possible.

The St. Louis Ki Aikido is incorporated in the state of Missouri as a non-profit educational institution. The St. Louis Ki Aikido is exempt from Federal Income tax as an organization described in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations to the St. Louis Ki Aikido are tax deductible. A detailed financial breakdown is contained in the Annual Corporate Report, which is available by request. We also participate on GuideStar, the on-line standard for nonprofit accountability.

Take a look at our listing.

    Some of the generous participants in the programs and mission of St. Louis Ki Aikido

  • The US Department of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention through a grant from the Missouri Department of Public Safety and the Juvenile Justice Advisory Group.
  • Stephen Farris
  • Christopher Gill, Associate Professor, Washington University
  • Michael Brownstein, Global Network Acquisition - Americas at Google
  • Chris Tighe
  • Joe Katrosh
  • Aiki-Extensions
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • All the members of our Board of Directors
  • And the many practicing members of St. Louis Ki Aikido