Community Activity & Support

In 1999, as the 20th anniversary of Ki Aikido training in St. Louis approached, St. Louis Ki Aikido began a planning process to become a greater community resource. We set out to introduce larger numbers of children and adults to the practices and benefits of Aikido and Mind & Body Coordination; to make better use of the training experience of our teachers and the dedication of our volunteers; to be a benefit to the whole St. Louis metropolitan community.

This planning resulted in the employment of Mark Rubbert as our first full-time staff member in August 2001. With assistance from the Missouri Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, we set up an on-the-job training program in nonprofit management for our "new" executive director to help mold St. Louis Ki Aikido into a true community resource.

Key elements to the direction of St. Louis Ki Aikido are:

  • Develop our Board of Directors, expanding to include diverse community representation
  • Continuation and expansion of the WellChild Ki-Aikido Program
  • Building our capacity as an organization
  • Expanding the participation in our regular Aikido Programs
  • Developing a program for older adults
  • Further develop our Collaborations & Memberships

Collaborations && Memberships
St. Louis Ki Aikido looks to work with and through a number of organizations to improve and make better use of our resources. We are working to use our resources in a way that complements the work of others and improves the community at large. Below is a list of organizations we have, or are currently working with.

Neighborhood Houses
Collaborating on after school programs (WellChild Aikido)

Established in September, 1998 to support and bring together those who apply the principles of the Japanese martial art of Aikido in a socially constructive way.

Skinker-Debaliviere Community Council
Our main location is in the Skinker-Debaliviere neighborhood, which has one of the oldest and most active neighborhood organizations in St. Louis.

Edgewood Childrens Center
Where we operated our first WellChild Ki-Aikido pilot program

St. Louis For Kids

Missouri Department of Public Safety
Juvenile Justice Advisory Group
The WellChild Ki-Aikido program began in 2001 with Title II startup funding from the US Dept. of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. It was provided through a grant from the Missouri Department of Public Safety and the state Juvenile Justice Advisory Group.

Drug Abuse Task Force, City of Chesterfield
Aikido and Japanese Yoga demonstrations for Drug Awareness Day