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Adults & Teens (age 15 & up)

Adult and teens, Mindfullness in the Ki-Aikido Martial ArtAt St. Louis Ki Aikido, our adult classes encompass the rich tapestry of Aikido training. From foundational aspects like movement, posture, balance, rolling, falling, meditation, and introductory throwing techniques, to the more advanced realms of sword and staff work, randori (free-style practice), advanced techniques, facing multiple attackers, and the forms known as Taigi, our curriculum offers a comprehensive Aikido experience.

It's worth noting that Aikido's core concepts require a mature mind to truly grasp and appreciate. The application of these principles in complex situations is indeed a profound challenge. Developing the capacity to release tension, shed preconceived notions, and perceive the broader perspective in any circumstance demands a high level of refinement.

This refinement is what transforms Aikido into the elegant, straightforward, and exceptionally potent martial art that it can be. Join us on this transformative journey as we explore the depth and beauty of Aikido's principles.

Adult and teens, Mindfullness in the Ki-Aikido Martial Art
"At St. Louis Ki Aikido, we welcome adults of all ages to experience the enriching practice of Aikido. While it may be more common to start at a younger age, we firmly believe that it's never too late to embark on this rewarding journey. In fact, numerous individuals in their 50s and even several in their 60s have embraced Aikido with great success.

In Aikido, we prioritize a positive attitude over physical prowess. Our classes are thoughtfully structured to accommodate students at every level of experience and ability. Training can be physically challenging, yet it is always approached with care and respect.

Most of our practitioners choose to train two or three times a week, though some opt for a once-a-week schedule. We offer a variety of training options to suit your needs. For a closer look at our training schedules, locations, and fees, please visit our Locations, Times and Fees section.

Join us, regardless of your age, and discover the enduring benefits of Aikido practice."