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STLKI Aikido Handbook
Tips for some basic Aikido Techniques
An Interview with Koichi Kashiwaya
The Life of Nakamura Tempu, Founder of Japanese Yoga

Ki Aikido H.Q.
Ki Aikido HEadquarters' official website in Japan (Shin-Shin Toitsu Aikido).

Ki Aikido H.Q. facilities in Tochigi, Japan
In Japanese, the Ki Aikido H.Q. in Tochigi is called "Shinshin-Toitsu-Aikido-Kai Sohonbu". It's a fabulous facility.

Ki Aikido U.S.A.
The official Ki Aikido website for the United States. Everything you need to locate a Ki Aikido near you.

Unofficial Ki Aikido Homepage (USA)
USA Seminar announcements, articles ... all things relating to Ki Aikido.

AikiWeb: The Source for Aikido Information AikiWeb's principal purpose is to serve the Internet community as a repository and dissemination point for aikido information.

The Aikido FAQ
Everything you need to know about aikido is here

Midland Ki Federation Dojos:

Austin Ki Aikido Center
Blue Ridge Ki Aikido
Cambridge Ki Aikido
Genkikai - at the University of Chicago
Houston Ki-Aikido
Kansas Ki Aikido
Kingston Ki Aikido
Meramec Valley Ki Aikido
Midland Ki Aikido
Northwest Martial Arts Ki-Aikido
Athens, Ohio Ki Aikido
Rhode Island Ki Aikido
Rocky Mountain Ki Aikido
Fort Collins Ki-Aikido at CSU
Boulder Ki-Aikido
Winnipeg Ki Aikido Aikido